VASCO Data Security - A World Leader in Strong AuthenticationVASCO DIGIPASS 700

Advanced remote user authentication and sophisticated transactions have never been easier



DIGIPASS 700 boasts a remarkable palette of features that enable security managers and application owners to enhance their network security without complicating actual use ensuring secure access to more advanced applications


The DIGIPASS 700 displays a maximum of application-specific information. Its object oriented concept allows messages, security parameters and functions to fit into existing user interfaces and terminology or it can be customised for specific applications. Up to eight independent applications can be hosted with no less than 64 messages in two languages – including logos and countryspecific characters. As a result, the user can readily execute highly sophisticated operations or transactions in total security without the need for training manuals. As a member of the DIGIPASS family, the DIGIPASS 700 offers security managers, application owners and users the full security "Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime". Its outstanding flexibility can be finetuned to specific application needs.

Features & Benefits:


Security parameters, such as PIN length, number of trials, lengths of challenge and response are programmable allowing them to be finetuned to very specific application requirements. The initialisation of the DIGIPASS 700 is a fast, secure and manageable process, just like the other members of the DIGIPASS family, thanks to proven initialisation / programming tools. User entry errors can be eliminated for frequent users without compromising authentication. The programmable user interface makes use as easy as possible in two languages. On-screen messages both guide the user and simplify helpdesk queries. Different colour schemes and logos offer strong branding, and allow seamless integration into any application.

Cryptographic Features

  • Supports Data Encryption standard (DES) and Triple DES, enabling the highest possible levels of logical security
  • Supports up to 8 different platform-independent applications or hosts with unique keys and parameters for each
  • Challenge or data field input up to 24 digits entered via the keypad or read from a computer screen, eliminating typing errors
  • Responses or signatures up to 24 digits are displayed in decimal or hexadecimal format to meet the required security level. A check digit (based on ISO 7064-6) can be applied on the challenge, response and signature
  • Digital signatures can be calculated based on fractional (left or right aligned) amounts, hidden or visible counters, default values and time stamps
  • Supports the full range of time- and event- based authentication mechanisms, using the internal, unalterable real-time clock
  • Supporting Master and Derived keys and X9.9 standard ensures further enhanced security
  • Mutual signature verification allows small groups to be authenticated, eliminating the need for a dedicated server.
  • DIGIPASS 700 is a full member of the DIGIPASS family, ensuring seamless interoperability with other DIGIPASS family members.

Product Comparison:

Products in this range provide more informative feedback, choice of language, and have large keyboards making them easy to use. Capable of calculating the most sophisticated One-Time Passwords and Electronic Signatures, these models provide the highest level of security. The additional sophistication, however, remains transparent to users, thanks to the intuitive user interface making this solution ideally suited for large user groups.

Expected Lifetime (years) 5 5 5 5 7
Size (mm) 83 x 55 x 6.5 88 x 59 x 7 91 x 64 x 9 91 x 64 x 9 90x60x10
Display one line of 9 by 60 dots one line of 9 by 60 dots one line of 16 x 80 dots one line of 16 x 80 dots 12 digit, 2-line display + icon
Weight (g) 33 41 41 41 38
e-Signature and One Time Password yes yes yes yes yes
Supported Languages 4 4 4 4 2
Real Time Clock yes yes yes yes yes
PUK unlocking yes yes yes yes yes
Applications 4 4 4 4 8
Buttons 17 11 + 1 jog dial 11 + 1 jog dial 12 + 1 jog dial 16

Technical Specifications:

  • Robust plastic case, with optional leather wallet
  • Dimensions: 90x60x10 mm
  • Weight: 38 g
  • High contrast 12-digit,3-line display
  • Tactile keypad technology with silicone rubber key tops ensures easy, accurate input
  • Intelligent battery management gives a life expectancy of 7 years


PDF File
Download the VASCO DIGIPASS 700 Data Sheet (.PDF)